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It means so much to our alumni when faculty members personally invite them back to campus. Panther Alumni Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate the success of your former students. Host a guest speaker in your class to motivate and inspire your current students and encourage them to network within their field. PAW is a great way to help your students cultivate positive and meaningful relationships, bolstering their long-term success.

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Faculty are invited to share the registration link with their alumni, or register on behalf of the visiting alumnus. Simply click here to begin the registration process.


"Inviting successful alumni to speak to my classes has proved beneficial to our students who are inspired and motivated by these role models in their future profession. Even though it requires some effort in identifying and selecting excellent graduates, it is well worth the time. I will definitely continue this tradition."David Y. Chang, Frost Professor and Director, Art Education

Panther Alumni Week attendees in a theater setting

Inviting alumni to participate

We ask you to contact the alumni you intend to host in your classroom directly. Once you have a commitment from your PAW guest speaker, please submit the speaker’s information and the class information online using the submission form as soon as possible.  

Work with your guest speaker to choose an ideal presentation style for your classroom. We suggest approximately 20 minutes for speaking, a Q&A, a round table discussion, or any other format you deem appropriate.

Ask your speaker to register online or register on behalf of alumni.

We look forward to another successful Panther Alumni Week for our students, our alumni and of course, you. Thank you for your participation.

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting your speaker's information, please e-mail us at provoff@fiu.edu or contact your PAW College Liaison with “PAW” in the subject line.

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Sample invitation

Dear alumna/us:

I am pleased to invite you to FIU as a guest speaker in my class _____________ on ____________ at _______  on the _____________ (Zoom/ in person class) during FIU’s tenth annual Panther Alumni Week (PAW) taking place from February 6 through February 11, 2023. As an accomplished graduate, a personal account of your FIU education, your student experience and career advice will be of profound value to our students. Ideally, you will speak to the class for 20 minutes (i.e.interview, questions and answers, round table or similar).

If you are interested, please reply with a firm commitment by Tuesday, January 31, 2023. In the weeks prior to your visit, FIU Alumni will follow up with more detailed information for your visit.

To learn more about PAW, please visit http://paw.fiu.edu.

I trust that you will experience FIU’s diversity and spirit as never before. I look forward to welcoming you back to participate in engaging with our FIU students.